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Turnbull Government to crack down on employer–union corruption

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

In early January, ICA Executive Director Ken Phillips penned a series of articles criticising the Turnbull government for its response to the Heydon Report into employer–union corruption.

Here are the articles:

As Ken outlined it, the government had only attacked union corruption, whereas Heydon had exposed employers and unions corruptly colluding together. 

On Monday, in The Australian, Robert Gottliebsen reported that the Employment Minister, Michaelia Cash, has taken the next step. She has announced an attack against employer and union corruption. She said:

“Heydon has exposed corruption in the whole game, not just one player and that is what we have got to address…”
“Tackling one side doesn’t change the system. You have to target both sides…. Heydon has not just exposed corruption of the unions. Heydon has exposed corruption of the system”. 
This is a game changer. As Gottliebsen himself remarked:

“In an attempt to stop the legislation in the Senate, the building unions have given large sums to the Greens in the expectation that the Greens will vote against the legislation. Cash will have an unprecedented opportunity to brand the almost certain Green opposition to her anti-corruption bill as an example of how the employer union bribes have nobbled an Australian political party… Bill Shorten and the ALP will find it hard to vote for a bill that will remove vast sums from union funds.”


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