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The headache of the employee Xmas party while we self-employed rage!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Yes, we have to feel sorry these days for employees who are forced to attend the staff Xmas party. All the merriment has changed.

First, employees have to undergo HR training and briefings on how to behave or not behave. Hugs are banned. Be careful who you smile at and how! No sitting on Santa’s lap. Conversations and greetings must be religiously diversified and non-judgmental. Champagne is replaced with sparkling non-alcoholic lolly water. Sorry, no jokes!

But oh how wonderful it is to be self-employed! We’re able to Xmas rage and really let our hair down!!!

Well, our Xmas parties might be slightly solo affairs held in our lounge rooms or home offices. But look at the advantages. We can kiss the cat. Hug the dog. Tell ourselves risqué jokes. Drink sparkling vino. Wear a Santa hat. Listen (again) to Bing Crosby sing ‘White Christmas’. Or go totally all out and replay Mariah Carey ‘All I want for Christmas is You.’ Here’s the YouTube clip if you need it.  Or you might even hold an online party with kindred solo self-employed revellers. The big advantage is that if someone is boring, just switch off your computer.

If you need guidance, these two fellows show you how to Xmas rage! YouTube clips here and here.

So, here are our 2017 Xmas wishes to:
And special wishes to the 16 who had their ABNs restored. Now they can move forward, proudly earning independent incomes.

But our biggest cheer and welcome is to those of you who this year joined us as Protected Members. We’re committed to the defence of self-employed people and with our new Protected Membership we can offer protection on an individual basis. More information here.

Merry Christmas!

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