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Thank you, Ali Noroozi – Retiring Inspector-General of Taxation

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Today we give a very big thanks to Ali Noroozi who is retiring this month after ten years as the Inspector-General of Taxation (IGT).

Eager followers and members of Self-Employed Australia will be well aware of our extensive and ongoing campaigns to extract fairness from the Australian Taxation Office.

But not many people (outside the public service) are likely aware of the extent to which the office of the Inspector-General of Taxation has been extracting measures of fairness from the ATO.

Central to our campaigning is the highlighting of ATO abuse of self-employed, small business people. The Four Corners programme ‘Mongrel Bunch of Bastards’ brought a lot of those stories together.

Originally the IGT could only investigate and report on the ATO’s operational systems. But for about two years the IGT has been able to investigate how individual people have been treated by the ATO. We have assisted in referring a number of cases to the IGT. We have high praise for the level of dedication, professionalism and attention to detail by the IGT in investigating cases.

The IGT has made a difference because it’s the only truly independent organisation looking over the shoulder of the ATO in a consistent and detailed way. It’s created some measure of transparency to the highly opaque way in which the ATO operates.

Ali Noroozi has led the IGT for a decade. The organisation reflects his professionalism, genuine care and empathy for individuals and interest in a quality tax administration system. Again, our huge thanks to Ali!

PS: Don’t forget to join our campaign to reform the ATO. Contact your MP. Sign our petition. Details here.

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