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Tell your story about the ATO: But be quick!

Friday, October 05, 2018

If you’re not happy with your treatment by the ATO, you have a chance to put your story on the record. But you need to be quick. We’ve just become aware that the Parliamentary Committee that most closely reviews the ATO is calling for last-minute stories from people about their treatment by the ATO. Self-Employed Australia will be putting in a submission.

Your submission doesn’t have to be long. Just point form will do. Here’s information from the Committee:
The House Tax and Revenue Committee … is seeking final comments on the administration of our tax system.

The Committee’s annual review of the performance of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) tests ATO reportage against evidence from taxpayers, tax experts, professionals and agency scrutineers, ....

During the reporting period the ATO faced a series of setbacks. Major system outages occurred in late 2016, and again in February 2017. These were followed in May by Operation Elbrus revelations of alleged tax fraud.

Then, in April 2018, news reports on the ATO’s treatment of tax debt among several small and medium businesses, and its media response, brought out further criticism—including from the Inspector-General of Taxation.

Committee Chair Mr Jason Falinski MP said the ATO has been asked some tough questions during this review.

“With the inquiry drawing to a close, the Committee now makes a final call to taxpayers and other stakeholders for feedback on ATO performance,” Mr Falinski said.

Topics of particular interest to the Committee include the ATO’s fairness in management of tax debts …

Submissions should be lodged by Tuesday 9 October 2018 on the Committee’s website at www.aph.gov.au/taxrev or by contacting the Committee secretariat on 02 6277 4821.
It’s important that the truth about the ATO comes out. The ATO has a huge media unit that churns out stories about ‘evil tax dodgers’ and how brilliant the ATO is.

Our experience, on the other hand, is that the ATO is significantly dysfunctional and inefficient. Further, that many tax dodgers can get away with their dodging and that the ATO instead targets people who are honest.

We need a better ATO. It’s failing Australia.

Send your story to the Parliamentary Committee.

We are!

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