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Stuck at home? Keep fit, but DON’T try this at home

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Yes, we know it’s essential to stay fit when stuck at home. But please be careful.
This Facebook post has gone viral.
Here’s what NOT to do when exercising:

Now for the serious stuff! JobKeeper, etc.

If you’ve settled down from your exercise, here are some recent updates from the ATO on JobKeeper:
Be aware that the ATO has extended the JobKeeper enrollment deadline to 31 May 2020.

Workers must now be paid for April by May 8.

And updated information if you are you needing access to your superannuation.

Correcting system error for self-employed JobKeeper

You might recall we alerted you to a system error on the ATO application for JobKeeper for the self-employed. In the first few days the system forced you to enter a ‘1’ instead of a ‘0’ for ‘number of employees’. That has been fixed.

The ATO has now issued advice about ‘undoing’ the ‘1’. The advice is in the commonly asked questions Number 3 and says:
You do not need to correct this information at this stage, it will be updated at step 2 in the process when you identify and maintain your eligible employees.
All systems ‘GO’ it seems.

Remember our full summary of the Coronavirus support package is here.

Keep Safe. Keep Healthy. Keep Happy.
And do be careful when you exercise!

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