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Some simple facts on superannuation

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

If you're confused about superannuation rules, you’re not on your own! What’s a ‘concessional’ and ‘non-concessional’ contribution? What’s the difference between an ‘accumulation’ and a ‘retirement’ account? Read any commentary and these terms are all over the place. But do ordinary people understand any of this?

To help, we’ve done some basic research and have made an attempt to provide some basic facts about superannuation and the currently proposed changes without any of the complicated language. Read here and see if this helps!!

And with the current furious debate over what to do with superannuation there’s lots of discussion about what to do with ‘it’ because ‘it’ is perceived to be costing the Federal budget too much money.

We’ve commented before about the double standards. The powerful federal bureaucracy gives itself special advantages that it denies to ordinary Australians. The proposed changes outlined in our article are for ordinary Australians, not for privileged public servants. The political debate over the changes is intense.

However, the real reform that’s needed is to bring ALL public servants on to the same rules as everyone else! But pigs will probably fly first!!


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