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Small Business Ombudsman's Report slams Road 'Safety' Remuneration Tribunal

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Transport Workers Union and their ‘safe rates’ cronies are not happy. The Federal Small Business Ombudsman, Kate Carnell, has released the findings of her investigations into the Road ‘Safety’ Remuneration Tribunal (now dead thankfully) and its discriminatory attempts to put owner-drivers out of business.  

We covered the issue and campaigned extensively against the RSRT. And you will remember we launched a High Court action to stop the RSRT.

The Ombudsman’s report confirmed what we, and every truckie in Australia knew—namely, that:
  • The Tribunal’s price control orders discriminated against owner-drivers so badly as to cause great financial losses and even put many out of business. (Fortunately the Tribunal was abolished)
  • Several truckies committed suicide because of this.
We’ve summarized the findings and recommendations here.

We believe the Ombudsman’s finding are factual, blunt and to the point, and that the recommendations are sound. We agree with the Ombudsman on all but one point—that is, that a fair compensation scheme would be difficult to implement. No! A compensation scheme must be put in place.

We continue to prepare a class action for truckies’ compensation

You will be aware that we are preparing a class action for truckies’ compensation. All the information about how you can join the action is here. There is no cost or risk to you.

Class action update:
  • We have had many truckies lodge information with us on their losses. The lawyers are working through this information.
  • Based on the truckies’ information, we believe total losses across the sector are likely to range between $300-$400 million.
  • Discussions are occurring with potential litigation funders. There is interest!
  • Lawyers are undertaking the huge task of working through facts, figures and behaviours to prepare the legal case. This process will take quite some time. The legal case has got to be right!

Owner-drivers can still join the action. Information is here.


Anonymous commented on 26-Sep-2016 10:33 AM
Unfortunately the damage caused by the TWU an the RSRT still continues those in he general freight area will notice rates have dropped and that the larger companies appear to favor those with more than one truck and that do not come under the ex RSRT orders coverage.
I certainly have to question how many smaller companies can pay drivers the correct rates and super under currant rates on offer if you do the sums they can't I know of one middle size company that has not paid super for twelve months and they contract to one of the majors.While this in equity continues the owner operator with one vehicle will continue to be disadvantaged.

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