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Senate proves its common sense. Construction code back on track

Thursday, February 09, 2017

We were delighted to see in The Australian yesterday that the Senate independents are backing a deal to bring forward the implementation of the Australian Construction Code. This is a huge win for small business subbies in the construction sector.

In early December last year we expressed great disappointment that the code would not be implemented for two years. We said,  “That means that big construction firms will have two years to continue to collude with unions to screw over small business construction subcontractors.”

Now that’s all to be fixed with implementation to occur this year. According to The Australian, Senator Derryn Hinch was the ‘key figure’ who put the deal together with One Nation, The Liberal Democrats and Senator Nick Xenophon, and of course with an eager Turnbull government.

Our great thanks to Derryn and the other Senators! They have again proven that where the Senate balance of power lies with independents, they listen to the ‘little people’.

Remember in September 2015 the Senate amended the unfair contract laws so that they would truly protect small business people. This was our ‘inside story’ at the time. And those laws are starting to have a positive impact.

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