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Pulling together to survive – Pay on Time Campaign launch

Friday, March 20, 2020

As the enormity of the Coronavirus contagion sinks in, a rapid adjustment to what’s needed to survive is taking hold.

First is everyone’s health. We are in the hands of the health professionals and simply will do as they advise.

Second is to do the best we can to look after our collective and individual financial well-being. None of us will avoid financial pain, but some will feel (and are feeling) the hurt more than others. The more we pull together the stronger we will all be.

The government has moved with an economic support package. More is to come we are told. In the last 24 hours we have received considerable information from the government. We are unsure as to the detail of how some of the financial support packages will apply to self-employed, small business people, particularly solo workers. We’re reviewing the information and seeking clarification on details. We’ll post information based on the best facts we can confirm as soon as we can. Stay tuned.

But on one issue we need your immediate help. We need government to move hard to require big businesses to pay small business people on time. Ensuring invoices are paid on time is essential to help the self-employed and small businesses survive the Coronavirus era.

The Morrison government election promise was to do 4 things to get cash flow going to small business people. They have acted upon, or are acting on, three of the promises. The fourth promise was for sanctions against big businesses who don’t pay on time.

We’re asking you to email and phone your politician to ask them to sign the Pay On Time Pledge. We need the fourth promise actioned. I explain the campaign here:

Details of the campaign are here. The campaign includes practical tools to access politicians’ contact details.

This needs to be a sustained, persistent and respectful campaign.

Together we can help each other.

Please put aside some time to do your campaign bit.

More information to come.

Regards—and let’s look after each other.
John Findley commented on 20-Mar-2020 11:29 AM
Excellent initiative

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