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ObamaCare is in real trouble

Sunday, November 24, 2013

President Obama has apologized for the debacle of OmabaCare. In October I made a YouTube commentary  observing that Obamacare had all the indicators of incompetent implementation we had witnessed in Australia under many Labor government programmes. Obama’s $600m website is an administrative disaster. Five million Americans have had their health insurance cancelled. This is proving to be a blow for self-employed entrepreneurs in a big way.

  • One freelance writer says his health premium is increasing by 94 per cent. Another who stood behind Obama at a press conference supporting him is in tears saying she can no longer afford health care insurance.
  • To be fair, however, there are some potentially positive reports.
  • Even with this, the situation remains confused, with people unable to obtain clarity.
The intensity of the problem is stark. One commentator says that Obamacare “…is the single most contentious political action of my lifetime since the Vietnam War”.  Ouch!!!
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