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‘Mongrel Bunch of Bastards’: ATO Update

Sunday, April 08, 2018

The evidence mounts on the ATO’s abuse of its powers with small business people. This will culminate in the Four Corners full story this Monday, ABC 8:30.

We highly recommend you watch this. The Four Corners TV promo is here

There has already been considerable coverage:

Our conclusion is that the ATO must be reformed. The reform is not to reduce tax collection powers but to ensure that those powers are not abused. More on this later!

But as well as ATO reform, self-employed, small business people must have the capacity to defend themselves. This requires resources that can only be built if we pull together. That’s why we say

And become a Self-Employed Australia Protected Member.

Anonymous commented on 09-Apr-2018 01:29 PM
Where the Tax Office seems to be failing is in keeping up with the evolution of the world we now live in. The gig economy is a huge part of the modern economy and it appears as though the ATO needs to play catch up. I have no difficulty with taxation, paying tax and penalising those who don't pay their fair share. I'm a proud Aussie who wants to see every Australian flourish not flounder at the hands of the ATO.

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