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Madness at the Drive-In – Gigging during Coronavirus

Monday, May 18, 2020

Ouch! More than a quarter of arts workers have lost their jobs during the Coronavirus lockdown. And with so much of arts activity dependent on crowding together, stopping further arts job losses seems complex. Health officials in government are understandably scared of the mosh pit and the possible spread of disease, for example.

But the good people of Denmark have not sat depressed on their art tails. They’ve ‘invented’ the drive-in gig. It’s honking madness. Watch them going ‘mad’ here:

It’s a ‘hoot’ that’s been picked up in Germany for example, and there are attempts to drive-in gig it here in Oz. But unfortunately our local health technocrats are blocking even discussion of such arts-awakening attempts.

The Victorian government has put aside $32million to support the arts during lockdown. But government doesn’t ‘make’ arts or ‘create’ creativity. It’s the big numbers of arts-obsessed individuals who do this in impossible-to-predict ways. We know the government ‘gets’ this. But there needs to be a bit of ‘bravery, Minister’ here.

Junkee magazine describes the attempts to launch a drive-in gig in Melbourne. But the Victorian Government won’t even let the event’s promoters talk with the local council who’d need to approve the project. It’s not just a physical lockdown that’s happening but a lockdown of minds.

Managing the Coronavirus lockdown was a big job. Managing the reawakening is probably even more challenging for government. But the multitude of arts workers need open minds from government. Their jobs and futures depend on this. The drive-in gig attempt is likely just one of many blocked arts endeavours.

Can we suggest that the relevant ministers, their advisers and bureaucrats take a ten-minute break, gather in their cars in the parliamentary car park and have a socially-distanced, horn-honking session? It might just be a hoot and clear their collective creative heads.

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