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Let’s make reform of the ATO happen!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

This year we have been highlighting the unfair treatment of self-employed people by the ATO. We’ve been doing a lot of work talking to politicians from all parties, senior public servants and the media. Self-Employed Australia continues to support and assist those who are under ATO attack.

Now we need your help.

Let me introduce you to a freelance self-employed transcriber, Ms E. Without warning the ATO cancelled her ABN. She could not work, not support herself. She objected, but the ATO would not relent.

We got her ABN reinstated, but they continue to investigate. Her future is uncertain. Will she be applying for unemployment benefits?

Let’s not forget Mr R, a self-employed IT consultant, who was audited and received a huge tax bill of around $600,000. The ATO had formed an opinion of “fraud and evasion” and had audited back 10 years. It took 2 years to come before the courts. The ATO admitted it was wrong…. In the meantime, Mr R’s life has been turned upside down, everything put on hold to battle the ATO … legal fees, stress and financial ruin.

Self-Employed Australia is asking for a little of your time and your commitment! Together we can make a serious impact.

Join our social media campaign to deliver a simple message to our federal politicians:

Reform the ATO Now!

We just want

A Fair Go from the ATO!

  1. Please sign our petition at http://bit.ly/ATOReform

  2. Share this petition with your friends and colleagues, via email, Facebook or Twitter.

  3. Contact your MP. You can do that here.
    Phone, write, email, Facebook, Tweet your MP. The personal contact has big impact. Drop in to your local electorate office if you are walking past.

  4. Prefer us to provide assistance? Register here and we’ll send you everything you need including the contact details of your MP.

Our message is simple:

  • Please reform the ATO.

  • It is unfair that the ATO is prosecutor, judge and jury all in one.

  • We need an independent prosecution and appeals authority that is affordable for small businesses and individuals who feel they have been treated unfairly by the ATO.

The ATO is now saying, ‘don’t worry, we can fix the problems!” No! That won’t work. It has not worked in the past. We need structural reform of the ATO. The ATO must be made to be transparent, accountable and answerable. We need tax justice.

If we don’t push hard for this now, the opportunity for ATO reform will pass. Your effort and contribution as outlined above will make a difference.

Please join our campaign.

Ring me if you want to chat.


Ken Phillips
Exec Director
Self-Employed Australia
0412 393 692

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