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Ken and Alan Jones discuss Vic Covid-19 OHS prosecutions

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Last night, I discussed with Alan Jones (Sky News) issues surrounding criminal OHS prosecutions of the Victorian government over the hotel quarantine mess. The discussion is here.

The key point is that there must be consistency in the application of the law. There cannot be one rule for the rulers and another for the people who are ruled. To do that would amount to a collapse of the rule of law in society.

Further, if prosecutions do not proceed, the work safety system in Victoria collapses. Anyone involved in work safety incidents in the future could simply say “I didn’t know!” This is the excuse being used by everyone, it seems, in the Victorian government.

The issue is not one of party politics. It’s about the very foundations upon which a fair, just and civilised society stands. Government cannot be above the rule of law. That’s Communist China, not Australia.

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