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International tax attacks on the self-employed

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In recent times we've heard of a number of cases where local tax authorities have made it difficult to engage independent contractors. This sort of story is not confined to Australia. In fact, it is common and global. I had several days of discussion with the Professional Contractors Group in London last week. Their tax problems under IR35 continue unabated.

In Ireland, low-income self-employed people are forced to pay much more tax than other income earners.

USA tax officials are still pushing to spread their economically destructive ‘misclassification’ laws.

We’re working with several groups around the globe to build networks to address the issues. It’s become clear that tax officials organize globally in their anti-self-employed agendas. It’s not that they (normally) intend to be destructive, it’s just they are dangerously wrong.
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