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Down with corporate welfare!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Following on from our earlier post on the changes to the small business environment, here's another reform that is long overdue! Treasurer Joe Hockey has told big businesses that they won’t get government handouts for badly run businesses. Let badly run big businesses sort out their own problems, I say. That’s what small business people have to do! Here’s my assessment of corporate welfare and its close connection to union activity.

All the recent reform moves are impressive but already the push back by big business is on!

In the fight for fair contract laws, the big shopping centre billionaires are complaining that they’ll have to have fair retail leases. Expect them to lobby the Abbott government hard to limit the laws. Here’s their complaint in Business Spectator. I have replied saying that they are naked in their self-interest, have ignored the facts and are plain wrong.

It looks like the battle for small business fairness is going to be hard fought! We will continue to campaign hard for this. Here’s our policy.
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