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Democracy crumbling in chaos—do boofheads now rule?

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Is politics in democracies now bonkers? Does no-one respect experts and authority anymore? Has politeness disappeared from political discussion? Is intimidation destroying free speech?

•   ‘Brexiteers’ and ‘Remainers’ scream at each other across the benches in the home of parliamentary democracy, Westminster.
•   Boris is labelled a boofhead constitutional destroyer who misled the Queen!
•   A 16-year-old Swedish girl tears into ‘The Donald’ at the UN.
•   Universities kowtow to Communist China’s demand to suppress free speech.
The mayhem fills our news outlets daily.

The Australian parliament is worried. Has the political middle ground crumbled it asks? Is democracy at risk? Why do 60 per cent of people distrust politicians? These are big questions being explored in a Senate Inquiry into nationhood, national identity and democracy.

We’ve been asked to make a submission which we have lodged. It’s here.

What’s our take on the chaos?
  • We draw our observations from our commitment to, belief in and advocacy for, self-employed people. Being self-employed is the ultimate living expression of, and individual belief in, self-reliant independence.
  • Independence, we say, is a now a dominant feature of the national psyche. It’s not just identified with self-employed people. It is heavily in demand from ‘employed’ people as well. Managerial superiority is questioned. The psychology of wage-slavery is dead.
  • But more, ‘independence’ has swept through broader social attitudes. This confronts authority. It challenges and instils anger in those who seek to dictate how the rest of us should think!
  • Is this a crumbling of the middle ground or a maturing of democracy? We say the latter!
In our submission we support our perspective with statistical analysis and more.

How does government respond? This is what the Senate also asks. We say that, first, government must understand the core problem:
“It’s not that the people don’t trust Australia’s governments. It’s that governments periodically show insufficient trust in the people.”
We give an insight into how governments distrust the people. The people do not owe allegiance to government. Government owes allegiance to the people.

Within this theme, government needs to embrace independence. Rather than seeing independent Australians as targets for more control, the proper emphasis should be on finding the best ways for them to flourish. Accordingly, Australian governments, their departments, advisors and the political parties need to strike a new note and find a new tone.

We’ll ‘help’ in this endeavour. Frankly, try to stop us ‘helping’. We’re far too full of independent ideas to be held back!

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