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Classifying independent contractors: Two different approaches

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

ICA has previously discussed the dire situation facing self-employed people in Massachusetts. It is clear that its anti-self-employment laws are blatantly discriminatory. If anything, the situation in 'mad Massachusetts' seems to be getting worse. Our friends at ‘New Jobs for Massachusetts’ have provided us with a story about ‘Heinz’, a specialist electrical contractor who tried to set up business in Massachusetts. He was literally forced to leave the state because of its ‘dumb’ laws. And now it appears that franchise operations are in disarray because of those same anti-contractor laws.

On a more positive note, business groups in the neighbouring state of Rhode Island have joined forces to stop new ‘misclassification’ legislation there that would also discriminate against self-employed people. And over "the ditch" in Europe, Poland has been and continues to be an economic success story. It's instructive to see that the Poles have a welcoming and open approach to self-employment.
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