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Campaign 2020: ATO reform – Pay on Time – Fair Contracts

Thursday, February 06, 2020

We’ve been pretty quiet during January on issuing news alerts. That’s because we’ve been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation for 2020. This year we’re making a big push for key reform issues for self-employed small business people. The timing is right because there is heightened political interest in small business issues.

Our 2020 campaign agenda has three key targets, all to do with small business people receiving a fair deal:

  • ATO Reform: The Australian Taxation Office has the legal power to abuse vulnerable taxpayers and that’s exactly what it does. But in the United States we’ve discovered the extent to which their Internal Revenue Service is required by law to treat taxpayers fairly. The USA provides a model for reforming the ATO. I was in Washington in October last year researching the US Taxpayer Rights laws. See here for my YouTube commentary. We’re preparing a major report in advance of our advocacy campaign.
  • Pay on Time: Far too many big businesses are treating their small business suppliers like dirt. They rip off small business people big time. Have you seen the ‘reverse factoring’ scam? I explain it here on YouTube. Big business says, “we’ll pay you late but we’ll introduce you to a finance company who will lend you the money we’re not paying you.” What a con!!! The Labor Party is pushing to ban this. The federal government has started making moves. But we’re going to push harder with our ‘Pay on Time Pledge’. Watch out for details of this and our campaign.
  • Fair Contracts – ‘teeth’: We campaigned for seven years before fair contract laws for small business people were introduced. But for all the good efforts of the regulators, (ACCC) big businesses have been ignoring the laws. Now we have an opportunity to force big businesses to obey the law. The federal government has proposals to beef up the unfair contract laws. The Labor opposition is pushing hard. We’re going to push even harder.
These key campaigns are all about a fair deal for self-employed small business people. We have specific, measurable outcomes to be achieved. More on the detail will be provided later.

But we need your help. We have to beat the big business lobby organisations. They spend millions of dollars on paid lobbyists who work behind the scenes in Parliament to destroy fair deals for small business. We have to do battle with them. We have to be in Parliament on a regular basis. But we need money to do that to cover airfares, accommodation etc.

Your membership is the best support you can provide right now. It costs only $22 a month for the basic membership. Click here for joining information.

We’ll have more information on our big campaigns soon and how you can be involved and contribute to their success. It really is time that the sleeping small business lion woke up and let governments know that we want a fair deal. We can do this!!

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