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California Attacks Santa Claus – A Victorian Agenda?

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

We’ve covered before the weird laws in California (called AB5) that have made self-employment illegal. On the evidence, it seems that these laws have pushed California’s unemployment rate to 50 per cent higher than the US average. The laws came into force on 1 January this year. But it’s now impacting on Christmas.

Patrick Turnbull has been a Californian Santa for 20 years. He doesn’t work as Santa all year round. That’s logical. Not much Santa work outside Christmas! So, he’s worked as an independent contractor Santa. Now the Californian AB5 law say that’s wrong. In this 4-minute video, Patrick (Santa) Turnbull explains why denying him his Santa ‘rights’ is so bad.

You tell ’em Santa! (click the image for the YouTube video):

What’s worrying is that Dan Andrews’ Victorian government also has an anti-Santa (independent contractor) agenda. We’ve told the government in very blunt terms, ‘leave us alone … we have a right to be self-employed.’ We ‘demand’ the right to be Santa if we want!! Viva la Santa revolution!

Oh yeh. And Merry Christmas! We all deserve it this year.

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