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Billson admits receiving payment from Franchise Council while still an MP

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The former Abbott Government Small Business Minister, Bruce Billson, has admitted to the ABC that he was receiving payment from the Franchise Council of Australia while still a Member of Parliament. The admission came on the 7.30 Report viewable here.

You might remember that we did battle with Abbott and Billson back in 2015 when they brought in the Unfair Contract Bill limiting it to contracts up to $100,000.

The laws are making for a fairer small business environment. That’s great news.

Now we’re battling Billson again.

The franchisors are trying to weaken the Vulnerable Workers Bill. It’s the new law that will help protect workers from the 7-Eleven type underpayment scams.
  • Billson is now chair of the Franchise Council and is leading the franchisors lobbying against the bill. He has even been caught out claiming that the US Vice-President is against the Bill. Talk about desperate!
  • We’ve done an analysis of why the Bill should be passed. It’s here.
The Bill will not only help vulnerable workers but also the 79,000 small business franchisees in Australia.

The Bill is listed for the Senate this week, but it could be next week. Who knows what move Billson and the franchisors might try next to weaken the Bill.
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