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Big end of town Red Herrings create policy indigestion

Monday, April 10, 2017

It is at it again—the Franchise Council of Australia that is! Again, it is opposing new laws that will make franchisors more responsible. This time it is desperate to block new laws that will impose obligations on franchisors for franchisee workers being underpaid and exploited.

We’ve covered this before in March where we explained what is going on. But now Fairfax media is on the case. Last week Adele Ferguson explained The plot to kill off tough new wage fraud laws. Adele has exposed wage fraud at 7-Eleven, Dominos, Caltex and United Petroleum. She’s now exposed the role being played by ex-Small Business Minister Bruce Billson in trying to block the anti-wage-fraud laws.

We’ve had a good look at what (now) Executive Chair of the Franchise Council Bruce Billson is saying. We consider the FCA arguments a school (?), no a sea (?), maybe even an ocean (!) of red herrings!!!!

We’ve made a submission to the Senate Committee looking at the Bill. Here’s our submission. But DON”T read our submission if red herrings give you indigestion…   
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