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ATO a frozen dinosaur. Cold. Lifeless. No connection to reality.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

We informed you yesterday about the ATO’s cancelling the Australian Business Numbers (ABNs) of work-from-home mums and dads. The people targeted are all on low incomes, most supplementing their spouse’s incomes, disability or other pensions or just struggling on their own.

There are 16 of these people: five in Queensland, two in South Australia, three in Victoria, five in New South Wales and one in Tasmania. These people are not ‘case numbers’ on some mindless ATO computer system. They are real people. And because of the ATO’s bullying aggression these people are now in crisis!

All had their ABNs withdrawn en masse on the 14 September, nearly ten weeks ago. As a result, their incomes have collapsed or stopped. We’ve been in contact with them. Read this briefing note on just some of them. I defy you not to get really angry when you realize what’s going on! I’m angry!

We’re doing something! We’re actively involved in fighting to have their ABNs restored. But the ATO is like a frozen dinosaur. You know there’s the potential for life there somewhere. But it’s cold, lifeless and there’s no connection to reality.

Here are some facts:
  • The ATO has, on our assessment, applied an illegal process in cancelling the ABNs.
  • The targeted people have been declaring all their income and paying all required tax. We’ve checked!
  • Superannuation payments are in order.
In other words, there is no reason that can justify the ATO’s withdrawing the ABNs. Sorry—yes there is! It’s spiteful, vindictiveness from within the ATO born from a hate of people being independent, standing on their own two feet and being confident Australians. These people are now being forced by the ATO on to social welfare. Well done, ATO.

We need your help.
  • Join us. Isolated we are vulnerable. Together we defend each other.
  • Send an email to your local federal Member of Parliament to demand the return of the ABNs.
Let’s do this!
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