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The Heydon Report: It's not simply about the unions

Friday, January 08, 2016

According to ICA Executive Director Ken Phillips, the Turnbull government is setting itself up for policy and political failure. This is because of the way the government has responded to the report by Justice Heydon into union corruption released last week.

Justice Heydon’s report details widespread corruption in unions and businesses. Yet the Turnbull government’s almost gleeful response hammers only unions. This response reflects political stupidity. It has opened itself to a campaign which suggests  that the Coalition is anti-worker and runs a political protection racket for corrupt employers.

Already Labor and the unions have begun leveraging up this message.

Ken had a series of three articles on this subject in Business Spectator this week. On Monday and Tuesday he explained the situation. On Wednesday he detailed how the Turnbull government should respond.

In addition, the Canberra Times gave major coverage to the Unfair Contract laws. The article, titled "Commonwealth government given months to end the ‘abuse’ of contractors", explains how Commonwealth public servants will have to lift their game and ensure contracts with independent contractors are ‘fair’. At ICA, we say "About time!!"


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