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Protected Members. Contact Ken Phillips (details below)
Tax Audit? If you are notified of a tax audit by the ATO contact us first before and any further contact with the ATO. This is important to ensure correct management of your audit.
Note: We do not provide tax advice. But we refer you to our outsourced self-employed specialist Accountants and Lawyers.
Unfair Contract? Contact us to discuss.

Ken Phillips is Executive Director of ICA/SEA---a position he has held since co-founding ICA in 2000 (more details). 

He is also the author of Independence and the Death of Employment. Please contact Ken if you wish to discuss matters relating to policy issues, the operation of SEA and experiences you may have as an independent contractor.

Members: Contact Ken if you have a tax audit, unfair contract or general issue.

Ken is always keen to talk about management and related ideas. Ken is also your contact for advertising on the SEA website and the person to contact if you need a media comment.
Contact Ken: kennethnormanphillips@gmail.com

Mobile: 0412 393 692

SEA Email Help

Email: help@selfemployedaustralia.com.au

Webmaster: webmaster@selfemployedaustralia.com.au

Advertising: advertising@selfemployedaustralia.com.au

Media comment: media@selfemployedaustralia.com.au

ICA's postal address:
PO Box 13103
Law Courts Vic 8010

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