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The Challenge of the 'Blended' Workforce

August 2013

One of the biggest challenges facing large firms these days is how to manage a ‘blended’ workforce. Few companies are able to operate with employees alone. The use of independent contractors ‘blended’ with employees is a new ‘normal’. Managers understand how to manage employees. But ‘managing’ independent contractors is almost treated as a strange, unknown, black-art form. It’s a hidden workforce, ignored and un-researched.

Australian-based Entity Solutions has stolen something of a march in the area, having recently held a fascinating forum on the challenges posed by blended workforces as well as producing a white paper on the issues (see links below).

From ICA's perspective, good management of independent contractors in a blended workforce starts with fair contracts. That's why we campaign so hard on fair contracts.

One of the keys to understanding independent contractors is that they are motivated by a desire to control their own work and achieve the work–life balance they want. This consistently shows up in research, including research organized by ICA. 


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