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Design and check your contract

Independent Contractors Australia is most frequently asked for help in designing and checking contracts. What we look for is 'fair contracts'. Here's our Charter of Contractual Fairness. A fair contract should be balanced, giving you, and the business that engages you, equal rights under the contract.

The links below enable you to:
  • Design your own contract.
  • Check good and bad clauses in a contract you have been asked to sign.
  • Explain the features of good/bad clauses
  • Give examples of good/bad clauses taken from numerous actual contracts we've accumulated over many years.
This information is designed to help you take control of your contracts so you have high control over your business.

Design and Check your contract

Design your contract using our template. Click here.
Clauses that are:
Green for Go!
Clauses that are:
Amber for Caution!
Clauses that are:
Red for 'Think Again'!

Are you a contractor?

What is a contract?
Tests for being a contractor
One page summary
Full explanation
ATO decision tool Public link


The information in these guides is not legal advice. The information cannot take account of your individual circumstances. Before taking any action you should seek professional advice. Independent Contractors Australia will not be liable to the users of this information for any loss, damage, cost or expense arising out of its use.

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