“It's about the passion”

How to Join

1. Payment Options: Important Notice (April 2017)

ICA is currently transitioning to a new payment platform. As a result, membership applications and renewals will not be payable electronically until the new system is in place. New memberships and renewals, however, can still be made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). The links for EFT payments appear below.

ICA apologises for any inconvenience this transitional arrangement may cause and hopes to have the new electronic payment system available as soon as possible.

2. Choose your type of membership  from the table below: 

Electronic Funds Transfer

One-year Affiliate ($55.00 inc GST)
Three-year Affiliate ($110.00 inc GST)
One-year Full ($110.00 inc GST)
Three-year Full ($220.00 inc GST) 

Categories of Membership

Contractor Affiliate Membership
  • Available to all Independent Contractors;
  • Access to all website areas (including dedicated pages and links to an array of advice on professional and business matters).

  • FEES: $55.00 pa or $110.00 for 3 years (inc GST).
Contractor Full Membership
  • Available to all Independent Contractors;
  • Access to all services, including professional information, full website access, updates, attendance at seminars, reduced rates for education programmes;
  • Voting rights to elect up to 4 representatives on the ICA Board.

  • FEES: $110.00 pa or $220.00 for 3 years (inc GST).

[Note: Under the ICA constitution, membership is subject to approval by the ICA Board]

Member Benefits

By joining ICA, you get the backing of a respected national association that can help you obtain the best support for your business. Support is orientated to both independent contractors and those who engage independent contractors. Our objective is for contract fairness and quality business outcomes for ALL parties. Benefits include:

  • support for your right to work freely and independently as an independent contractor and for the right of businesses to engage independent contractors.
  • professional information in key areas of business including legal, taxation, OH&S government regulation and contract integrity areas;
  • powerful networks with business affiliates and associates for Members' benefit;
  • lobbying of Government for the fair treatment of independent contractors;
  • ongoing education for members on topics relevant to independent contractors;
  • access to contract template models and advice on how to ensure your contract/s are fair and equitable.