“It's about the passion”

Why joining Independent Contractors Australia is a good thing

A Warm Invitation


This is our invitation to you to become a financial member of Independent Contractors Australia. If you join us, you achieve a number of things.
  • You support our efforts to look after all self-employed people. You can see through our website the huge range of issues on which we lobby. This includes tax, contract fairness, reducing red tape and so on. All our efforts are focused on ensuring that self-employed/small business people (you) get a fair go at being in business.
We also provide extra practical help for financial members including:
Your legal status: Our 'swinging pendulum' test helps you assess whether you are an employee or independent contractor.
Contract fairness: This helps you understand what you should reasonably expect from a 'fair' contract.
Contract templates: These help you to assess and/or draft your work contracts.
Business Templates: You'll find some good practical help on tendering, marketing and so on.

These and more can be accessed once you've joined ICA.

Here's more information on joining us.
Here's where you can join us. (On-line and credit cards through Paypal):
  • Full Member ($110 a year or $220 for 3 years)
  • Affiliate Member ($55 a year or $110 for 3 years)
Warm regards and welcome

Norman Lacy
Chairman ICA

Here's the Board of ICA.
Here's an information brochure.