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Election 2019: Summary and Overview

23 May 2019: Post-election overview (including our campaigning and social media reach)

Our election campaigning:

2 May 2019: SEA's Tax calculator
14 April 2019: Self-employed and the election
20 April 2019: Old versus young
26 April 2019: Unfair contracts
9 May 2019: Small business tax comparison
13 May 2019: ATO Reform
14 May 2019: Independent Truckies

Our comparative scorecard:

Election 2019

An assessment comparing the Morrison Coalition
with Shorten Labor

We’re looking for Fair Tax – Fair Tax Administration – Fair Contracts – Fair Go for self-employed small business people

We’re comparing key small business policy positions of Labor and the Coalition and giving each a score. We’re progressively releasing our assessments during the election campaign.
(Note: Party scores range from +5 to -5)

 Election Issue
 LNP Score
 ALP Score
Tax Take – How much tax you pay
Implementing tax cuts
See comparison
Promising higher taxes
See comparison
 You decide
 You decide
Small business tax take
Status quo
See explanation
Major tax increases
See explanation 
+3 -4
Small business tax tribunal
Initiated small business tax tribunal
See explanation 
Supported small business tax tribunal
See explanation 
+4 +3 
Fair Contracts – Reforming
Committed to major beefing up of the laws
See explanation 
Committed to major beefing up of the laws
See explanation 
+5 +5 
Defend owner-drivers
See explanation
Reintroduce anti-owner-driver laws
See explanation
 +5  -4
Election comment authorised by Ken Phillips, Melbourne

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