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Small Cost,
Big Benefits

Reform the ATO Now!

Contact Your Local MP

A personal message has a big impact.

3 Steps:

1) Find your electorate
The Australian Electoral Commission has an easy search tool HERE.
Insert your postcode and you electorate will come up.
2) Find your MP's details
Go to our spreadsheet HERE.
The spreadsheet is sorted by Electorate. Find your electorate to see your MP's contact details, including social media links.
3) Message your MP
Phone, write, email, Facebook, Tweet your MP—whatever you like!
Simple message. In your words. Main points:
  • Please reform the ATO.
  • It is unfair that the ATO is prosecutor, judge and jury all in one.
  • We need an independent prosecution and appeals authority that is affordable for small businesses and individuals who feel they have been treated unfairly by the ATO.
If you’re keen and want a longer message, here’s our detailed ATO reform paper to help with your thoughts.

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